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Tree Trunk Texture

My Story


Canopée is owned and operated by me, Alexandria Schmitz. I love trees. It began by playing under the canopy of trees; canoeing tripping, rock climbing and camping. This was followed by fighting the canopy; Wildland Forest Firefighter and moved into monitoring the canopy; Environmental Technician for rivers and riparian zones. I concluded with growing the canopy, where I am today, a seed picker and woody plant propagator. I have over 6 years experience with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Alberta, 5 years of indigenous woody plant selection and propagation and over 35 years of forest discovery. My experience is varied and consistent. I love trees.


Canopée has garnered some help and some wins along the way. The success of this company resides in the community that supports the concept and the project. Below is a list of the accolades received within the last year:

Soutien au travailleur autonome (STA) MRC Brome-Missiquoi-December- Recieving 


Financial Support for Aspiring Farmers Grant - La Financière Agricole du Quebec - Received


Greening the Landscape Research Consortium - Vineland Research and Innovation Center - Joining

Winner of Osentreprendre - Brome-Missisquoi - Winner


All photos provided my A.M.A Horticulture
Tree Trunk Texture





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