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Local Carbon Offset Coop


We propagte and plant forests -like renegades

Caluculate Carbon FootPrint

Before you can offset your adventures, find out how much they cost in carbon.

Buy Trees


Once you know your carbon footprint offset your carbon with our trees.  

Follow the Progress

Every tree you purchase will contribute to a strong, green canopy for generations to come.

Collect Tokens

Receive forest tokens with every offset you purchase. Redeem your tokens in our boutique.

Girl in a Forest

Canopée is in the business of climate action. We grow strong trees for a stronger planet, together. We turn a resource negative into a resource positive.

We integrate our urban tree farms on redundant parcels of land within the community. Many homeowners, businesses and municipalities maintain adequate size parcels of land; well suited to grow indigenous trees and shrubs.

Our team will turn grass maintenance bills into profits.

Our community will turn climate inaction into action.

Our vocation will ignite hope.




Address: Sutton Quebec

J0E 2K0



Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
​​Saturday: 8am - 5pm
​Sunday: 8am - 7pm



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